Ormindale Block

The Ormindale Block, situated next to Renewal's office on West Hastings Street in Vancouver, is going to be redeveloped in 2014. According to a recent Globe and Mail article, "At 151 West Hastings, the Ormidale Block, a commercial redevelopment project by Vancouver-based Century Group that will get under way this spring, is a unique fusion of old and new, heritage and high tech that may well offer a new neighbourhood model.

Renewal3 makes first portfolio investment - Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Renewal Funds is pleased to announce its first portfolio investment by Renewal3 Fund.

Globe & Mail article on Renewal Funds

The Globe & Mail recently published an article about Renewal Funds.

Claudia named to prestigious Ashoka Global Fellowship

Claudia Li, a former office mate and the Director of Shark Truth and the hua foundation, has recently been awarded an Ashoka Fellowship

Renewal3 closed at $63 million in committed capital

The Renewal Funds team is pleased to announce the final close of theRenewal3 Fund at $63 million CAD on February 28th to reach $98 million total Assets under Management.

Paul Richardson's interview with Institute B: Why I invest in Change Agents

Renewal Funds CEO Paul Richardson was recently interviewed by Institute B about investing with a purpose beyond profit.

The Cleaning Solution -- a socially progressive cleaning company

From 2008 to late 2013, Renewal Partners’ offices in Vancouver’s Flack Block building were cared for by The Cleaning Solution. Early each evening, The Cleaning Solution’s employees would vacuum our offices, dust and take out our compost. They kept our space spotless. When Renewal staff worked late, they would ask us how our days were going and, always with a smile, remind us not to work too hard. But The Cleaning Solution is more than just a regular cleaning company. They are a socially progressive organization with a mandate to employ persons living with a mental illness who are ready to return to the workplace. The Cleaning Solution provides a supportive work environment, including service-orientated training and green cleaning products. The professionalism, friendliness and quality work of The Cleaning Solution staff was evident in everything they did.

Carol Newell honoured with Land Champion Award from Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia -- article by Mike Rowlands

Carol Newell was recently honoured with a Land Champion Award from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia. Mike Rowlands has written a fabulous article on Carol's journey:

Joel Solomon featured in Change Heroes' People with a Purpose series

For certain audiences there are some people who really need no introduction. In the hearts and minds of many social entrepreneurs, Joel Solomon’s name resonates with special meaning.

Joel's Solomon's Interview with Institute B

Joel Solomon was recently interviewed by Institute B. Please read on:
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