Tides Canada Top 10 for 2010

Every year, Tides Canada shines the light on ten of Canada’s most innovative and forward-thinking initiatives. They inspire people to take action, to think in new ways, and to make the world a better place.

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We’re missing eco-opportunities

We’re missing eco-opportunities
Published: 11/28/2010

Canada is "a country that sees itself as a force for good in the world," says Andrew Heintzman, but "the dawning realization that we have landed squarely on the wrong side of the biggest issue of our time will continue to undermine our self-identity, our self-respect,
and our stature on the world’s stage."

How a Business Scion's Son Went From Burning Man to Angel Investing

Doughnuts to Dollars: How a Business Scion's Son Went From Burning Man to Angel Investing
Fast Company
BY Lisa KatayamaFri Dec 3, 2010

Renewal’s long time friend and Renewal2 investor, Josh Mailman featured in Fast Company.

Grab your space at the HiVE

The HiVE will be home for organizations and individuals working in the sustainability and creativity sectors. It will provide a shared work space with a dynamic cafe-like studio culture that facilitates creativity, collaboration, and social innovation. The HiVE is modeled after many successful co-location spaces around the world, where members save money through sharing infrastructure and amenities like business equipment, telecommunications, receptionist, meeting spaces, event spaces, kitchen, lounge, etc. The Hive will be comprised of a diverse membership base, ranging from artists and freelance designers, to small social enterprises, to mid-size NGOs and green businesses. Beyond saving money on office space, the social and business connections created among members is among the greatest benefit.

A Charity with Plenty of Very Long Tentacles

An interesting perspective on our work.

A Charity with Plenty of Very Long Tentacles
By Kevin Libin, National Post
November 20, 2010


The Vancouver Power 50 of 2010

The theme of the 10th Annual Vancouver Magazine's Power 50 of 2010 is change. It is no wonder that the list includes past SVI participants including Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vancity's CEO Tamara Vrooman. Also included again in this year's Power 50 is Joel Solomon and Carol Newell.

Rise to the challenge!

The Climate Spark Climate Solutions Challenge is looking for the best business ideas for making greenhouse gas emission reductions profitable.  The online challenge being run by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund uses a web 2.0 crowdsourcing and virtual brainstorming approach that helps spotlight ideas that can drive profits up while driving emissions down.  This is a chance to be seen and heard by a commun

Province Consults on Community Interest Companies

The Province is considering amendments to the Business Corporations Act that would allow for a new hybrid type of company — the community interest company — structured to both benefit the larger community and allow limited investor returns within the context of a traditional for-profit company, Finance Minister Colin Hansen announced.

Green Investing Essence of Renewal

Renewal team featured in Mompreneur Magazine.

Mompreneur Magazine
September/October 2010
Green Investing essence of Renewal: Fresh funding to grow enviro-conscious entrepreneurs.
By Cindy Stephen

Are you a woman with a triple bottom line? If not, you may be passing up a great opportunity to tap into a whole tank full of cash from eco-aware investors eager to help green businesses grow.

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