Van Jones: A New Green Deal

Check out this article by Social Change Institute alumnus Van Jones: Working Together for a Green New Deal.

Jeffrey Hollender Named CEO of the Year

Jeffrey Holender, CEO of Renewal investee Seventh Generation Was named CEO of the Year by Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) magazine.

Earlier this year, Seventh Generation was selected as the "#1 best company on the planet."

Utne's 50 Visionaries

Utne Reader's 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World is a great read with links to biographies and video interviews, speaches, and other footage. 

The Results Are In!

Earlier this year, Fraser Basin Council and Vancity Credit Union did an online survey of small to medium sized enterprises earlier this year. With an impressive volume of respondents and very detailed responses, participants explained their sustainability strategies and the actions they are undertaking.

Renewal for a Healthy Planet

Carol Newell and Renewal were featured in an article entitled "Renewal for a Healthy Planet," in a recent issue of Make it Business

Green Alpha

Michael Jantzi, founder of Renewal Investee Janzti Research, was recently featured in an article called  "Green Alpha," discussing how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have lead to a redefining of fiduciary responsibility.  Michael says, "You're seeing mainstream money managers, especially at the largest pension plans, accept ESG as party of their fiduciary responsibility."

Duane Nickull Interviews Joel Solomon

Duane Nickull interviews Joel Solomon at Open Everthing a conference held at Hollyhock this fall.

The Market Crisis and Impact on SRI

Michael Jantzi provides his views about the future of socially responsible investing (SRI) in light of the current financial crisis in his new article, The Market Crisis and its Impact on Socially Responsible Investing.

Strategies for the Green Economy

SVNer Joel Makower,, recently published a new book, "Strategies for the Green Economy." It includes a major contribution on green marketing by fellow SVN member Cara Pike.

The book examines the opportunities and challenges facing both large companies and entrepreneurs as they seek to reduce their environmental footprints while harnessing environmental thinking as a platform for innovation.



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