Great Bear Rainforest Milestone

Great Bear Rainforest AgreementOne of the most critical milestones towards protecting the Great Bear Rainforest has been achieved. On Tuesday March 31st 2009, the Province of British Columbia announced formal action to realize its commitment to implement Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) in the Great Bear Rainforest, to ensure the long-term health of the rainforest and its communities.

Social Entrepreneur Survey

With funding from the Skoll Foundation, Renewal friend Cathy Clark and Greg Dees have launched a three-year project at Duke to explore how social entrepreneurs' business model choices can maximize social impact.

Tides Renewal Centre Celebrates

The Tides Renewal Centre celebrates its opening with new of the Hertiage Award of Honour, an offical proclamation, and hundreds of guests.

New Web of Change Site

Web of Change has launched a new website. 

The New Financiers

Hazel Henderson, author of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy, and co-creator of the Calvert Henderson Quality of Life Indicators, tackles the question: Who will be the new financiers? 

Making the Nonprofit Leap

Renewal COO Pamela Chaloult was featured in a recent article on Charity Village, "Making the Nonprofit Leap: What You Need to Know."   Telling the story of trading a "corporate VP's six-figure salary" for "a nonprofit coordinator's $30,0

Eileen Fisher Business Grants Program

Eileen Fisher is delighted to announce that applications are being accepted for their 2009 Business Grant Program for Woman Entrepreneurs.  The program is seeking applicants from wholly women-owned businesses that combine the principles of social consciousness and sustainability to create new businesses or invigorate existing ones with a solid business plan and strategy for long term growth.  Up to five recipients will each receive a $10,000 grant, mentoring from internal Eileen Fisher teams and travel to New York City in early 2010 for a two-day workshop. 

Customized Solutions During Challenging Times

Author, coach, venture catalyst, and human strategist Alanna Fero is offering small group coaching sessions with 6 to 8 people.  During these 12 week customized programs, participants enjoy inspiration, structure, accountability and a great deal of support in reaching their goals.

Van Jones Advises Obama

SCI Alumni and Renewal colleague Van Jones will be a special advisor for green jobs, enterprise and innovation in the Obama administration.

Hollyhock Karma Yoga Program

Consider enrolling in the Karma Yoga Program at Hollyhock. This is an excellent opportunity to spend extended time at Hollyhock, contribute through person to person service, and experience high value island life at a very low cost.
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