Flack Block

The Historic renovated Flack Block, home to Renewal and Tides Canada Foundation, stands at the intersection of Cambie and Hastings: kitty corner from Victory Square, across from the Dominion Building, and adjacent to the Woodward’s redevelopment.

Innovative Initiatives

Renewal has played a vital role in several large scale Innovative Initiatives over the years, mobilizing a wide array of organizational talents and resources in partnership with other organizations. These are multi-stakeholder projects in keeping with our long-term vision, which require professional and business skills to move forward.

Social Purpose Real Estate

Real Estate can be a powerful tool for creating community benefit. Renewal has used investment capital and foundation assets in rural and urban real estate projects to further its social and environmental mission.

Endswell believes it is important to align foundation assets with mission-related investing. Recent projects include real estate investments designed to support and sustain non-profit organizations by developing infrastructure and creating a long-term asset base.

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