SVI Hollyhock

September 10 – 14, 2008
Hollyhock, Manson's Landing, Cortes Island, BC
SVI offers the mission-based entrepreneur an opportunity to share challenges, successes, and experiences with peers in an atmosphere of trust and goodwill. Each attendee brings commitment of social change to their enterprise, whether a for-profit business or a non-profit organization. Over the years, SVI has provided over 2,000 entrepreneurs the opportunity to strengthen their business skills, network with other social change leaders, and rejuvenate their passion and vision.

The Art of Leadership, Level II w/ Robert Gass

August 1, 2008
Hollyhock, Manson's Landing, Cortes Island, BC

Master facilitator and teacher Robert Gass leads this advanced training for graduates of the Art of Leadership program. Expand your capacity to create your visions and dreams by understanding how to work in greater harmony with the forces within and around you.

Sponsored by the Hollyhock Leadership Institute (HLI). Please see HLI's website for details.

Horses & Authentic Leadership

July 23 – 27, 2008
Hollyhock, Manson's Landing, Cortes Island, BC

Observing horse behaviour reveals powerful parallels to human interaction. Instinct, energy, communication, power, leadership and harmony – they’re all there in the herd. Explore boundaries, self- awareness and intention, and their effect on communication and power in personal and professional relationships.

For more information visit Hollyhock's website or call 1.800.933.6339

The Heart of Business

Bill Weaver, who runs Media that Matters each May at Hollyhock, produced a film some 15 years ago called The Heart of Business. It featured, among others, a Victoria entrepreneur named Heather Fox who had begun a line of hand-painted clothing. Heather had once been a hospice worker.

Hollyhock Solstice Days

I'm back on Cortes Island for a long weekend and several business meetings related to Renewal Land Company's conservation land efforts as well as hosting some old and new friends.

The gardens of Hollyhock and the island are explosive in colour, scent, and the plants are soaking up the longest days of the year. With 11pm feeling like late dusk, critters on the move everywhere, and humans full of curiosity and prowling, it's a pure symphony of life.

Looking Forward to SVI Hollyhock and the Hot Tub!

In three short months we’ll head to back to Cortes Island to host the 13th Annual Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock. This will be my fourth trek to the island and I am eager to return for the delicious organic food and excellent company of SVI'ers.

On the Way to Social Change Institute

I'm traveling with colleagues Carol Newell, Pamela Chaloult, from Renewal, and Heidi Hartman from Social Venture Network.

We are on the familiar pilgrimage to Hollyhock for another blockbuster crafted gathering compliments of Karen Mahon, Rhian Walker and Jennie Reckon of Hollyhock Leadership Institute.


SVI would not be able to happen without the generous contributions of our partners, sponsors and supporters. Thank you!

Lots of Good News for Spring

After a successful kidney transplant in November from my old friend and Hollyhock co-founder, Shivon Robinsong, I have returned healthier than ever to a plethora of activities at Renewal.


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