Just Eat Organic!

Social Venture Institute (SVI) founder, Renewal2 Advisor and now rap artist, Gary Hirshberg….

Stonyfield Farm

The world’s largest organic yogurt maker.

Gary’s Story

Gary Hirshberg was all about climate change and ecology. He launched his career in the 1970s as the Executive Director of an ecological research and education centre in Massachusetts. But during a rare visit to Disney’s Epcot Center, Gary witnessed a life-changing spectacle: Kraft Foods presenting the farms of our future, with test-tube plants and a dancing, animatronic Miss Cheese—among others. The fanfare of Kraft’s nutrition-less promise was drawing far more attention than the ecological centre Gary was directing.

Salt Spring Coffee

Western Canada’s leader in organic and fair trade coffee.

Mickey and Robbyn’s Story

Mickey McLeod couldn’t resist buying a converted popcorn popper for roasting coffee beans at home. Before long, Mickey and his wife, Robbyn Scott, were serving great tasting, home roasted brew to their friends on Salt Spring Island. It was the early days of coffee culture, and the US trend was spilling into Canada. “The wheels just started turning in my head,” explains Mickey. He and Robbyn had been raised on social and environmental responsibility, and these issues defined coffee from farmer to cup.

Horizon Distributors

Western Canada’s largest distributor of natural and organic groceries.

Terri’s Story

During the survival-of-the-fittest mentality of the early '90s, a young Terri Newell found the co-op model refreshing—an inviting workplace valuing each member’s skills and resources. While completing her Masters degree at UBC’s School of Planning, she was particularly drawn to Horizon Distributors, a Burnaby-based worker co-op distributing natural and organic foods.

Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery

The largest internet grocer for organic/natural foods in North America.

David’s Story

David Van Seter’s “small potatoes” perspective of the triple bottom line endured a harsh reality check at the school of hard knocks. A successful business consultant, David wanted to inspire his clients with a demonstration of sustainable business practices. He created SPUD, Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (originally Small Potatoes Urban Delivery)—a web-based grocery delivery business, promoting organic, local and informed food choices.

Renewal Funds

Renewal2 invests in change by providing an opportunity for investors to participate in the development of businesses at the forefront of social and environmental innovation. Led by the Renewal Partners management team, Renewal2 builds upon almost 20 years of experience in successful high impact investing.

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