Doing Good, and Performing

Renewal has been investing in early stage businesses at the forefront of social and environmental innovation for almost 15 years.  Over that time, the good in the world being done by companies that we have been involved with has been apparent to many, but the financial returns built by these social entrepreneurs has been less obvious.

Renewal2 in the News

Paul Richardson, President of Renewal2, was interviewed by the Venture Capital Journal for their article on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).  Click Here to read more about what Paul and other key players in the SRI realm have to say about the evolving model, deals and responsible exiting strategies.

On The Road For Renewal2

I'm heartened by the response to Renewal2, our new social venture investment fund. Along with my colleague Nicole Bradbury, I've recently made trips to San Franciso and Seattle. We met with interested prospective partners, and new introductions who are committed to or are exploring mission based investing as changes in their portfolios.

Tales from Behind the Looking Glass

I have a small sense of what Alice felt when she passed through the looking glass, and I have to tell you it is tons of fun. I had been peaking through for far too long, knowing that there was a different world where I might find more meaning, but I was afraid to cross through.

Expanding Our Impact

After 5 years of placing dozens of funds in social venture companies, I’m keen to expand our impact. Renewal2 offers friends, colleagues and mission based private foundation investors in Canada and the USA, access to this exciting emerging field.


SVI would not be able to happen without the generous contributions of our partners, sponsors and supporters. Thank you!

Lots of Good News for Spring

After a successful kidney transplant in November from my old friend and Hollyhock co-founder, Shivon Robinsong, I have returned healthier than ever to a plethora of activities at Renewal.

Our Team

Founding Partners

Carol Newell

Carol Newell is the Principal of Renewal. Through this organization, she has established a life’s work as a social entrepreneur and philanthropist, placing over $60 million in organizations and businesses working toward sustainability in BC.

Renewal Funds

Renewal2 invests in change by providing an opportunity for investors to participate in the development of businesses at the forefront of social and environmental innovation. Led by the Renewal Partners management team, Renewal2 builds upon almost 20 years of experience in successful high impact investing.


For over a decade, Renewal invested in change by placing early stage capital into some of the best entrepreneurs in North America.

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