Renewal CEO Joel Solomon profiled in Vancouver Magazine

Vancouver Magazine
The Unlikely Revolutionary

By Frances Bula
May 25, 2009 

Joel Solomon has put his millions, and those of a powerful circle including Rubbermaid heiress Carol Newell, into a new business-first socialism

All’s Well That Ends Well

Over the past 15 years the Endswell Foundation made over 700 grants totalling over $20 million dollars.  From our 1992 inception was the intention to spend down our entire grant making resources over a ten year period.   

Partners for Change Party 2008 Toronto

Check out the pictures from the 2008 Toronto Partners for Change Party!

More Than Money: The Good Life Parable

Watch Renewal friend and New York Times bestselling author Mark Albion's 3-minute animated movie "The Good Life" based on his new book, More Than Money.

The Rise of Do-Gooder Finance

I am extremely excited about the September issue of BC Business Magazine which features an article entitled “Prophet Motives.”  The article begins with an excellent profile of Renewal investee, David Van Seters, founder of SPUD and continues on to give an overview of the Renewal Story, including many of our partners over the years.  I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, Salt Spring preferably, and check out the full article here.

Carol Newell in the News

Carol Newell, Renewal's Principal, is featured in BC Business Magazine's article, 'The Inheritance Problem'. Click Here to read about how Carol activated her inheritance to make positive change and how she encourages others to do the same. 

The Heart of Business

Bill Weaver, who runs Media that Matters each May at Hollyhock, produced a film some 15 years ago called The Heart of Business. It featured, among others, a Victoria entrepreneur named Heather Fox who had begun a line of hand-painted clothing. Heather had once been a hospice worker.

Tales from Behind the Looking Glass

I have a small sense of what Alice felt when she passed through the looking glass, and I have to tell you it is tons of fun. I had been peaking through for far too long, knowing that there was a different world where I might find more meaning, but I was afraid to cross through.


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