Great Bear Rainforest Campaign

A landmark achievement in global conservation.

Ross’ Story

In the days following the Clayoquot Sound campaigns, Ross McMillan was named provincial co-chair of a land and resource management board in Clayoquot Sound, and began forging a relationship with the environmental community. In 2000 a coalition of activists asked him a favour: to facilitate their efforts in what would later be hailed the largest integrated conservation program in North America—the Great Bear Rainforest Campaign. Ross’ initial contribution evolved into an eight-year engagement, and it’s not over yet.

The 220 Years

We are settling into the extraordinary Tides Renewal Centre two blocks down the street from the old digs at 220.  And before the newness of it all wears off, before we are all once caught up again in the unrelenting pace of business as "unusual", I think its time for a moment of retrospection on the phenomenal years at 220 Cambie Street.

Tides Renewal Centre Springs to Life

The Tides Renewal Centre is springing to life. The exquisite renovation of the Flack Block by Robert Fung and Salient Group stands kitty corner from Victory Square on the Cambie and Hastings adjacent to the Woodward’s redevelopment.

Crisis Calming for Charity

The great economic contraction that began officially in September of 2008, has created a crisis for the charitable sector in North America and globally.

Stories of massive losses for venerable grantmaking Foundations abound. Thousands of non profit salaries, millions of people in need, and extraordinary social change strategies depend on those sources of funds. Individual donors are starting to freeze, all waiting to see what happens next. Big commitments go on hold.

Endswell Foundation

Through the 1990s the Endswell Foundation was the largest, BC based, charitable foundation funding environmental issues in the province. Endswell's grant-making era is now complete.

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