ChangeEverything Call for Guest Columnists

Vancity is seeking Guest Columnists for ChangeEverything. Applicants are individuals who are truly inspired by their own work and are making a difference in the world. You do not have to be famous or even hold a high position within your organization, you are simply someone who is ‘on fire’ and passionate about change in this life.  Know any?  Maybe you are one of these people?

What’s involved? Penning about 800 inspiring words and including an image or two to ignite people in our community into change-making action.  Basically authors are encouraged to tell their story in their own words using pictures, video or the written word.  Check out past columns.

Getting a Guest Column spot offers access to almost 4000 registered ChangeEverything users via our newsletter plus all the regular traffic the site gets. They also profile these spots on, so you will potentially be exposed to our over 400,000 members. It is a great opportunity to tell your story and spread the word about the work you are doing in the world. Most of all, it is about inspiring action and change through good old fashioned storytelling.

If you are interested in a Guest Columnist spot for 2009 or if you think of someone who would make a great Guest Columnist - send their name, email address to Kate Dugas,