Renewal is a collection of independent organizations founded by Carol Newell to carry out her original mission of fostering social change.

These organizations include the charitable foundation, Endswell, the seed-capital investment firm, Renewal Partners Company, the investment firm Renewal Funds, and our events, PlayBIG and Social Venture Institute.


For the past 18 years, Renewal put the powerful tools of business and philanthropy to work in the creation of a triple bottom line economy. We provided investments, grants and collaborations (for entrepreneurs, investors and activists) in support of long-term societal solutions in British Columbia and beyond.


Renewal launched in 1994, with a 50-year strategy, and a 500-year vision, to influence and support a shift from a “maximum financial return at any planetary cost” economy to one based on the health of communities and in which ecosystems are integrated into economic activities that prioritize the long-term well being of future generations.


Employing a three-pronged approach of investment (Renewal Partners and Renewal Funds) charitable grant making (Endswell Foundation and Tides Canada Foundation) and cross-sector collaboration, Renewal has leveraged capital to create a new model for change. At the core of our strategy is the belief that the many independent actors and organizations, across the for-profit and non-profit spectrum, will best gain strength through interdependent relationships of trust and respect. In our investments, grants and collaborations, Renewal has worked to create a new territory in which these new relationships are created and in which they can thrive.

Renewal has grounded and increased the leverage of its resources by focusing, primarily, on our region, British Columbia. By investing heavily in BC, we have built a strong base and can now extend our influence and collaborative value more broadly. We have also invested throughout North American networks as part of expanding our region’s access to resources and visibility.


Our broader intention has always been to prioritize the greater good of society in the stewardship of wealth and influence. We hope that our example will encourage and guide others to invest, give and participate fully as citizens, in accordance with their deepest beliefs.