Better Business: Can a 500-Year Vision Help Save the World? - Part 2

Better Business: Can a 500-Year Vision Help Save the World? (Part 2)
Huffington Post

By Julia Moulden
An interview with Joel Solomon, President and CEO of Renewal Partners.

Last week, we began our conversation with Joel Solomon - President and CEO of Vancouver-based Renewal Partners, a collection of organizations using the powerful tools of business and philanthropy in support of long-term societal solutions. We talked about Renewal's 500-year vision, 50-year strategy, and the early years.

Julia Moulden: You and Carol [Newell, his partner] have been working on a number of fronts for nearly 20 years, Joel. Before we get into the specifics, tell me why you chose this multi-dimensional approach. And why you decided to focus on one region.

Joel Solomon: We had this idea to work in a number of streams at the same time - for profit, not for profit, leadership, and public service - because we wanted to apply a whole-system approach to change. We wanted to help in a direct way, but also to create the environment that would support long-term sustainable change. And concentrating our efforts in one place allowed us to amplify the relatively small amount of money we had to invest. But we weren't insular in any way - we see ourselves as one node in a global network.

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