Green Investing Essence of Renewal

Renewal team featured in Mompreneur Magazine.

Mompreneur Magazine
September/October 2010
Green Investing essence of Renewal: Fresh funding to grow enviro-conscious entrepreneurs.
By Cindy Stephen

Are you a woman with a triple bottom line? If not, you may be passing up a great opportunity to tap into a whole tank full of cash from eco-aware investors eager to help green businesses grow.

Triple bottom line companies are defined as those which support people, products and the planet. Socially responsible, economically sustainable and willing to go the extra mile to ensure there's no footprint left long after the shop is closed. As consumer demand for green products grows, government and insurance regulations regarding waste-free commerce tighten, business must comply, conform and renew - and all that takes money.

Enter Renewal Partners, found by Newell - Rubbermaid heiress Carol Newell and her business partner, Joel Solomon. Renewal is a collection of companies based in Vancouver with a social purpose: to support through investing, mentoring and networking businesses and leaders that promote an economic vision that promotes a thriving, sustainable economy. And here's the good news - they're looking for female entrepreneurs who want to expand their sustainable business to the next level.

"It's hard right now to find women who have a triple bottom line," Solomon says with great consternation. He points to the economic system in Western Canada which is still largely male dominated.

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