Joel Solomon of Renewal2 quoted in Huffington Post article

By Marisa Whitlock, Renewal2:

Joel Solomon, Chairman of Renewal2, was quoted in last week's Huffington Post Canada article: “Canadian ‘B Corps’ Put Their Money Where Their Branding Is On Social Causes”.

The article focuses on the process to become a certified “B Corporation” and how that designation “distinguishes firms that are committed to improving more than their bottom line”.

Based in Pennsylvania, B Lab's vision is "to create a new sector of the economy which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. This sector will be comprised of a new type of corporation - the B Corporation - that meets rigorous and independent standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

To become a certified B Corp, a company must pass a series of standards implemented by B Lab. Since 2007, B Lab has certified over 450 B Corporations across 60 different industries. Renewal2 is a founding Canadian B Corporation and was certified in April 2010.

Renewal2’s chairman Joel Solomon says, “B Corp certifications add a layer of confidence and are a signal of a level of commitment and values by an entrepreneur or company.”

Full article can be seen here.