SVI Alumna Bridgitte Alomes featured in Vancouver Sun article

Social Venture Institute alumna Bridgitte Alomes, CEO of Play at Natural Pod, was recently featured in Vancouver Sun story about her journey toward becoming a social change entrepreneur.  Read on for the article: 



More women leaving corporate trenches to set up their own companies
Many abandon thriving careers because corporate culture doesn’t meet their needs, studies show
By Yvonne Zacharias, Vancouver Sun
December 13, 2012 

When Bridgitte Alomes moved to Vancouver from Australia about 12 years ago, she began a thriving career developing marketing strategy software for various global corporations.

At one point, she was the youngest director and the only female on a corporate team. “That was interesting,” she said with a laugh.

“Being a decision-maker in a male-dominated industry was definitely difficult.” However, she said, it provided her with an incredible amount of learning and strengthened her as a human being, preparing her to join the growing ranks of female entrepreneurs who are leaving the corporate trenches to strike out on their own.

In 2006, she veered off in a brand new direction, co-founding Natural Pod, which designs natural play spaces, furniture and toys suitable for child-care centres, preschools, kindergartens, community centres and children’s hospices.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>