SVI Alumni Selected as 2013 BALLE Local Economy Fellows

Social Venture Institute alumni, Toby Barazzol of Eclipse Awards and Amy Robinson of Loco BC, were selected as 2013 BALLE Local Economy Fellows. Congratulations to Toby and Amy! 

The BALLE Local Economy Fellowship is the only fellowship dedicated solely to advancing the local economy movement. Their Fellows are at the forefront of rebuilding communities from the ground up through creative economic development strategies that enhance the staying power of locally owned businesses, by applying their passion for social change to business-oriented solutions, and through sustainable innovations in manufacturing, finance and food. 

Earlier this year, BALLE began a search through thousands of communities across North America. Hundreds of community leaders were considered and only 16 selected for this 18-month leadership program. 

BALLE Fellows participate in an intense, close-knit and rigorous 18-month leadership immersion program that strengthens their capacity for transformative change in their communities. 

To hear Toby's thoughts on winning the fellowship, visit his blog


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