There's Plenty of Money

There's Plenty of Money
Daily Worth - Know Your Worth Blog
July 21, 2009
By Amanda Steinberg

"There's plenty of money in this world, and if I focus on what I need, I know I can access it."
~ Dana Bass Solomon, CEO of Hollyhock
Meet Dana Bass Solomon, a seasoned businesswoman who has turned a thriving multimillion dollar business into an engine for social good. Dana is CEO of Hollyhock, Canada's leading educational retreat center nestled between the forest and ocean on the southeastern tip of Cortes Island, British Columbia. DailyWorth sat down with Dana to get her thoughts on business, social enterprise and motherhood.

How do you define Hollyhock's success?

Hollyhock is a social enterprise, so we're not your typical bottom-line focused business. Social enterprises have both financial and social goals. Hollyhock runs about 100 educational programs a year, serving about 3,000 guests. Our financial statements do not tell our complete story. On an annual budget of $3,000,000, we are break-even. All money that is earned by Hollyhock is invested into staff wages, programs, our community and generating a lighter footprint. 

What advice do you have for businesswomen on the rise?
In the 1980s, before coming to Hollyhock, I was a single mother of four kids. And I needed to make a living. So I started an architectural stained-glass company. Here's how I managed to run a company, and be a mom:
1.    I made sleep a priority.
2.    I made a date once a month with one of my children. This guaranteed I'd give each of them undivided attention. We'd always go out to dinner, and then do something cultural. They're some of our most treasured memories. By dedicating this time, I was able to focus more during the day on growing my business.
3.    I consciously developed an abundant mindset by reminding myself regularly that there's plenty of money in this world, and I focus on what I need, I know I can access it.

Learn more about Dana's social enterprise, the Hollyhock Retreat Centre.

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