Bluff House Party

It was a balmy starry night out on the deck at another Bluff House Party at Hollyhock.

People were organizing to go swim around in the bioluminescence down at the beach. A pulsing group were having a blast on the dance floor. The conversations were ebullient and warm. People were at another final night of another intensive Hollyhock gathering. Personal stories were layering on top of the professional exchanges in the long days of content and experiential work. Relationships were bonding.

I picked up some glasses and a few beer bottles. I straightened the snack platters. There was no need to adjust the music as this group included fine dj's. The lights and decorations were just right for the midnight hour and the celebratory spirit as this group of 30 was soaking in its last night together.

Whether it's a Bluff House party, Wayne's world, Dana and Joel's, Olatunji Hall, or the every flexible Lodge at Hollyhock, some things seem to be consistent over decades. Good spirit and a loving energy flows. A group of people have gone through yet another unique period of uplift, rejuvenation, learning, and growth. They have broken down inner barriers and the usual obstacles between people. They are hovering around pure joy.

I am very lucky. I get to host, sponsor, or attend perhaps ten of these events annually at Hollyhock. The great news is, another dozen in Vancouver, and throughout a conference circuit of the many faces of a socially aware and world change driven community of people and organizations that are multiplying and spreading across North America.

A core strategy for Renewal is to invest in this type of convening that will engender more trust, more peer exchange, more mutuality, and a larger web of allies for those working on generative sustainable solutions. I can no longer count the number of times I've been able to immerse in this ocean of sincerity and faith.

The Bluff House alone has offered so many rounds of memorable experiences. I hope everyone has their Bluff House parties, to lift the spirit, give hope, and infuse the room with nourishment and inspiration.