Hollyhock Solstice Days

I'm back on Cortes Island for a long weekend and several business meetings related to Renewal Land Company's conservation land efforts as well as hosting some old and new friends.


The gardens of Hollyhock and the island are explosive in colour, scent, and the plants are soaking up the longest days of the year. With 11pm feeling like late dusk, critters on the move everywhere, and humans full of curiosity and prowling, it's a pure symphony of life.

Dana and I shared dinner from the land and sea by firelight with Nina Simons of Bioneers fame and her presenter partner, Toby Hertzlich of Rockwood Leadership Institute reknown. Their Culitvating Women's Leadership event has them sparkling with excitement about spending several days in this Solstice high with a group of turned on women. At the same time, Andy Weil and his innovative doctor friends are hosting Integrative Medicine for a group of mostly medical professionals who will take new thinking back to their practices.

Im pulling weeds, catching up on emails, biking through Siskin Lane and Hanks Beach conservancies, and even got treated to a boat trip with friends.


It's a good weekend. I love my job.