How Will Your Life Be Celebrated?

I've just helped my good friend Deb Joy launch a new business The idea for this service was inspsired 1.5 years ago when I was going through my kidney transplant and our friend Robert Huber was in the hospital with pulminary fibrosis. While I made it through with flying colors, the experience got me thinking about things I'd want to say to the people I love, and the message I would want to leave the world.

This service enables you to do just that. The site is set up to allow you to document your life as you are living it. Add words, images and music as the years go by, and when you eventually die the site will become your permanent memorial site.

Having just gone through my own life and death experience, I understood the importance of this service right away and offered her my support, when she described her vision to me. The site enables you to set up password-protected messages to loved ones - leave advice, love letters or just practical information about where important documents are kept. Then at the time of your death, pre-arranged trusted individuals can log in and read your last wishes, enter memorial information and activate the automatic notification system which will inform your community of your death and direct them to the site.

Once your memorial site is activated, visitors can read about your life as you've told it, see your videos, pictures, links to other sites. They can leave messages in the guest book, donate right on the site to a charity you've chosen and send a gift to your family. The site is thoughtfully done and makes what is a difficult process easier on everyone involved.

Deb worked with Martha and I in the early days of Renewal Partners. She left due to some health challenges she was having, and has since watched many people she loves deal with life threatening illnesses. That became her  inspiration to create this new venture.

We hope you'll check it out. As a friend of Renewal Partners we want to give you a free year's membership. Just use the code CELEBRATE when you sign up.

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Thanks Joel for writing about this website. It hits close to home around here in Naramata, where many of us are still reeling from the shock 10 weeks ago from the passing of our mutual friend Jeff Wheeler at age 40.

I love the concept of this it yourself, quick and easy, feelings from the heart expressed, no need for putting notes in a safe deposit box.