On The Road For Renewal2

I'm heartened by the response to Renewal2
Joel Solomon
Photo by David Niddrie
<, our new social venture investment fund. Along with my colleague Nicole Bradbury, I've recently made trips to San Franciso and Seattle. We met with interested prospective partners, and new introductions who are committed to or are exploring mission based investing as changes in their portfolios.

There is clearly a growing movement of capital underway. I predict that within five years we will see billions of dollars moving towards the solutions economy, and plenty of that will be locally focused, entrepreneurial, and creative.

For the growing numbers of interested friends who would like to participate in this field in smaller dollar increments, keep pushing your financial advisors, bankers, and accountants, and soon there will be products that offer broader scale opportunities for all of us to align our money with our values and intentions.

Vote with your dollars.