The Investments You Make Today Are The DNA Of The World Tomorrow

Renewal2 Investment Fund momentum is rolling.
With over 35 partners, including 6 charitable foundations, and individuals from across Canada and the U.S., we are nearing $20 million under management.
What a year it's been to build a new Fund. That so many investors have made commitments is heartening, and inspires our team to work even harder to maximize the potential of this timely capital pool.
It's bittersweet to see how many great companies are hungry for money to grow with. Everywhere in the emerging Solutions Economy, innovation, lighter footprint, efficiency, wiser more frugal use of resources, and responsibility for human and community impact are flowering. 
There is clearly a conversion underway of industrial, energy, food, and consumer sectors. Dynamic entrepreneurs are pushing deeper into cradle to cradle impact analysis, whole system accountability, stable job creation and long term durability.
Renewal2 launched during a highly challenged financial marketplace of 2008-2009. The good news is that the opportunity is vast. Company valuations are highly attractive. Cash is scarce. It's a buyers market.
Soon we will announce our first investments.
We welcome more partners to join us in supporting some of the great sustainability brands of tomorrow.

Our collective impact will be meaningful and important.