Great blog post by Kathy Murphy on the journey to Hollyhock

Check out this wonderful perspective on Hollyhock by a woman on a year long journey to the great consciousness centres of Canada and the USA:

Ever Thought About a Drive Around Canada?

By Dr. Kathy Murphy
June 2013

Some people take a water taxi or a sea plane to Hollyhock,, but it’s a real adventure to drive here.  For us, the trip from Vancouver (with a quick visit to Victoria and Butchart Gardens), on to Campbell River, on to Quadra Island, over to Cortes Island, and on to Hollyhock was long - but like Oz, it was magical.  It took us five hours and three ferries to finally arrive. However, the minute you drive on the first ferry, the journey begins and you begin to shift - to island time. If you want to slow down and re-center, this is the place to do it.

Whether you’re here for personal and professional growth or for a nature-filled, technology-free holiday, the mission of Hollyhock is to re-nourish. This is where social activists, artists, seekers, and creatives come to be inspired. Hollyhock is dedicated to building a community of life-long learners for building a better future.

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