How Ecopreneurs Communicate

Chantal Schauch, founder and president of ImmerseUs Communications in Vancouver, has just published an abridged version of her thesis:  Authentic Identity: The Essence of How Successful”Ecopreneurs” Communicate in the Journal of Values Based Leadership (JVBL).  In her study she presents 5 key attributes common to a group of “successful and exemplary ecopreneurs” which underlie true leadership in the realm of sustainable business.  Here at Renewal, we are delighted to see so many friends, colleagues and alumni of SVI included in the study!  Here is a glimpse of what Chantal set out to document in her thesis:

Companies are progressing well on the environmental and social fronts; however, as
Bob Willard (2002) explains in The Sustainability Advantage, they must move from
treating environmental aspects as a specialized departmental or staff concern to an
organization-wide context of sustainable development. For this behavioural shift to take
place, the implementation of solid communication and education strategies are essential
(Willard, 2002).
To contribute to the growing need for communication strategies and educational
programs, I set out to understand how successful, role model ecopreneurs
communicate to establish and sustain their triple bottom line organizations, and based
on the findings, distil recommendations to assist aspiring ecopreneurs, and encourage
current entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders with their triple bottom line pursuit.

Read the full article HERE