Re-inventing RRSP's

Are you considering your options for your RRSP contribution this year?
Do you want to see your investment work for social change?
I'm ahead of the deadline this year and ready to try a new vehicle for my RRSP. 

Check out La Siembra, you may want to do what I’m doing and invest your RRSP with them! 

Contact La Siembra today at or at 613-235-6122 ext. 310 for more information or to receive an offering statement.  Invest before March 1st in a registered account to be eligible for your RRSP 2009 tax deduction.

An investment in La Siembra– creators of Cocoa Camino and Cuisine Camino - is RRSP eligible, and is an investment in an ethical company that has grown for more than 10 consecutive years.  Investments have offered a modest but sound rate of return each year while re-inventing the way that business ought to operate. If you believe in the importance of fair trade and treating producers in developing countries with dignity and paying them a fair market value for their products, then you should learn more about La Siembra by visiting   Investing in La Siembra is done directly with the senior staff—who themselves are investors in the cooperative. There is no middle man, and La Siembra prides itself on being transparent and accountable to investors.

“I've had such clear and prompt communications with La Siembra in the past year or so. This is a great credit to you.  We're in the process of taking all of our savings out of standard investment vehicles…this means it opens up the opportunity to invest more in La Siembra.”
La Siembra shareholder.

For More Information Contact: Jennifer Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Directrice générale
613 235-6122, ext. • poste 310