Top 10 List Worthy -- Period.

I have noticed that there are many lists being published on the top ways to save the planet. Most of the ideas are good but there seems to be some very worthy ideas that never make these lists including natural menstrual products. I have to admit if it wasn't for the wonderful women, Madeline Shaw and Suzanne Siemens of Lunapads, one of Renewal's investments, it would not have been on my list either.

Recently, I visited the Lunagal's office where they shared with me their beautiful, fun and practical products like the DivaCup. I was thrilled to learn that their Lunapads washable cloth menstrual pads and Lunapanties padded underwear are manufactured locally here in Vancouver. You can save $5 on orders over $25 until December 31, 2008 when you enter enter 'Renewal08' as your promo code when checking out online.

I walked away convinced that with over 14 billion pads, tampons and applicators going into North American landfills every year we need more and more women to not only try but to buy Lunapads.

I am on a personal journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. Working at Renewal I have the great fortune of meeting many entrepreneurs who create products and services to help me along my way. I've become a raving fan of Lunapads and if you are a woman, or have women in your life, I invite you to visit the Lunapads website. My guess is that you will find both their story and their offerings inspiring; I do.