Share Holders to Share Givers

Twenty-seven years ago a small group of visionary idealists came together as stewards of the grounds and gardens of the former Cold Mountain Institute, and became Share Holders in what we know today as Hollyhock.  Over the years this group expanded, laboured and dreamed, met, planned, toiled, and rejoiced through the stages of growth of this beloved institution.  

As a business proposition, Hollyhock was always a labour of love.  The business model gave it structure, measurables and quantifiable goals, financial credibility, and the discipline of long term planning.  But over time it became apparent the business model which gave Hollyhock its start, was not the right model to sustain it over the long term.

With that in mind, this past December, the many Share Holders of Hollyhock transformed themselves into Share Givers.  This gift to the Hollyhock Foundation of their shares, now establishes a more lasting entity, to carry our work into the future.

It did not happen overnight.  Becoming a charitable organizations was a multi-year process, requiring vision, bold action, and resolute leadership though the logistics, from the Shareholders, the Board, the CEO Dana Solomon and her capable staff.  As a result, the charity they we have created will be better equipped to face the future – now thousands of supporters will be able to share the stewardship and development of this most precious resource.

Shivon Robinsong, one of the original Share Holders, speaks of the transformation as “the gift we are giving to the world.  We have relinquished our personal ownership to create more lasting entity with the possibility of serving more, longer and deeper than ever before.” 

“Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish and support people who are making the world better.”  The Share Givers of Hollyhock exemplify the mission and ideals of the magical place they have tended to over the years and now you can play an integral role of the future of Hollyhock, too.