Statement from Mayor Robertson Thanking the People of Vancouver

June 16, 2011
Statement from Mayor Robertson Thanking the People of Vancouver
The last twenty-four hours has been a true roller-coaster of emotions for the people of Vancouver.

The excitement and anticipation of game seven, the disappointment of the loss, followed by the shock, horror, and anger over the disturbing and disgraceful displays of violence on our streets. In the end, it was a terrible night for our beautiful city.

But in true Vancouver fashion, the people of our city have been determined from the beginning of last night's shameful rioting to make it right. And we need to remind ourselves that, in the midst of one of our most disturbing chapters, we have seen people respond with courage, love for their city and fellow citizens, and positive ideas and actions to make things better.

Thank you to the people who, in the midst of last night's chaos, stood up for others and tried to convince the crowd to end the pointless, mindless violence and destruction.
Thank you to our dedicated police, fire, ambulance, and city street crews – so many of whom went well beyond the call of duty under extremely difficult circumstances, to serve our citizens in so many ways, to get the situation under control.

Thank you to those who, through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media have sent messages of calm and support, and promoted ways in which to assist citizens, emergency responders, and police.

Thank you to those of you who have offered your assistance to the VPD in identifying the criminals who attacked our city in this senseless fashion, and are helping us bring them to justice. I know you share my commitment to see those who attacked our city held responsible. What they did was despicable and has no place in Vancouver.

And a huge thanks to the literally hundreds of you who volunteered your time today to help clean up the mess left behind by the hooligans. You have not only helped our city return to normal, but you have reminded people here and around the world of the true spirit of Vancouver – open, generous, and kind.

What happened last night does not represent the city we love. I know you share my determination that we won’t stop celebrating our city, and bringing people together do so.