SVI alum and Social Enterprise leader, Kevin Lynch featured in Axiom News

Opportunity to Create Social Economy is Now: Kevin Lynch
Social Enterprise Alliance CEO says social entrepreneurs are the secret weapon to change the world

March 8, 2012 was proclaimed Social Enterprise Day by the City of Vancouver. Speaking at an event honoring that proclamation, SVI alum Kevin Lynch emphasized the importance of social entrepreneurs and their passion in shaping the economy.

From the article Opportunity to Create Social Economy is Now: Kevin Lynch by Camille Jensen: "The business of America is business and the business of business is to maximize return for shareholders,” said Kevin, adding the pressure to continually increase shareholder returns have come at the expense of workers, community, mother nature and future generations.

With the financial crisis of 2008, Kevin says the "greed economy" is proving it can't even sustain itself, let alone a just, humane and sustainable world.

“This creates an enormous opportunity for a fundamental shift in the economy of which we are authoring, towards a social enterprise economy,” he said. “Where the purpose of business is true wealth, perennially, for all people and the planet, and all the species on the planet.”

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