Cleaning As Practice: an invitation for invites CEOs, C-level executives and organizational leaders

Our friends at Cleaning as Practice, founded by Social Venture Insitute Alumnus Tolulope Ilesanmi, invite organizational leaders to join them in a revolutionary opportunity to strip down to your humanity.  Please read on or visit for details: 
Come experience the world as a beginner, a learner, an outsider, a servant leader. Strip down ... to your humanity.  
Cleaning As Practice invites CEOs, C-level executives and organizational leaders to spend time outside of their comfort zones immersed in a simple, unique, powerful experience that will shatter assumptions and enable you see yourself, others and the world in a new light. 
Wear a cleaner's uniform. Give up leadership and follow experienced cleaners: work with them, commute together, visit restaurants, and return to your hotel, dressed – inside and out – as a cleaner, a servant. 
Spend 3 or 5 days cleaning physical spaces with revolutionary Montreal-based Zenith Cleaners, a company that uses cleaning as a tool for personal growth, leadership development and organizational transformation. Come alone or as a team. Greet the humility and transformation that arises from not knowing. Leave seeing the world through a cleaner lens. For more information, visit: 
"It was a very powerful experience being an outsider again. I felt open, aware and curious. After I finished Cleaning As Practice, I realized that the practices that lead to deep learning and innovation are the same things we have to do as outsiders: ask questions, listen well, learn from people with different perspectives, experiment, make mistakes, know that it's okay to feel uncomfortable, and learn to see things in a new light. Cleaning as Practice is a transformational experience."
- Deb Nelson, Executive Director, Social Venture Network. 
"At the end of the program, I felt relaxed, centered, and invigorated, and different from how I have felt at other times when leaving more traditional contemplative retreats. I was keen to go back to my day job, and integrate some of the insights I had gained. Overall, I was immensely impressed with the program."
- Julian Giacomelli, CEO, Crudessence Inc 
3-days - $2,750.00/person  
5-days - $4,250.00/person 
Discounts and partial scholarships are available to nonprofit leaders and emerging entrepreneurs. 10% of payment by SVN members will go towards supporting SVN's Bridge Project. 
For groups of 5 or more, or for more information, please contact Tolulope Ilesanmi at:  
Telephone: 1.514.907.3242