Hollyhock’s Story Program to Nourish and Inspire

Canada’s lifelong learning centre sees value in telling stories of social innovation

Friday May 04, 2012
Article by Camille Jensen, Axiom News

Nestled on a small island off the coast of British Columbia is a lifelong learning centre known for making big waves. And with the launch of a new story program, Hollyhock — which offers conferences and programs to inspire, nourish and support people making the world better — intends to create an even greater ripple effect.

Hollyhock is partnering with Axiom News to capture and share the entrepreneurial zeal, collaborative spirit and participant experiences resulting from its innovation programs, which include the Social Venture Institute, Social Change Institute and Web of Change.

These conferences act as an energized incubator for rapid growth, connection and leadership development for people working in the values-based business, technology and social change sectors.

Hollyhock CEO Dana Bass Solomon says it’s an exciting opportunity to engage a news organization like Axiom, whose mission is in alignment with Hollyhock’s to support people in making a positive impact.

“Hollyhock knows the power of storytelling, and we are excited about Axiom’s ability to help tell our story of innovation,” says Dana.

She says through stories more people will learn about and become engaged with the value-based work happening at Hollyhock “on the beautiful island of Cortes.”

Axiom News president Fraser Wilson says working with Hollyhock is an honour, and advances Axiom’s mission to co-create a life-giving news network for a renewed and thriving world. Axiom has been covering the social innovation movement for nearly five years, and sees it as an essential cornerstone of a social economy.

Having attended Hollyhock’s Social Venture Institute, Fraser says he’s looking forward to seeing the events and ideas come to life beyond the venue.

“Hollyhock brings out the best in those doing exceptional work, and in capturing that in a story and being able to populate that on their website and social media we are able to broaden their reach and impact,” he says.

Fraser adds by engaging participants in sharing their stories, the news will serve to stimulate the intellectual, spiritual and well-being of the Hollyhock community.

“It serves as fuel, and sets examples for other social entrepreneurs to learn from.”

Hollyhock’s news program kicks off next week with stories highlighting its upcoming Social Venture Institute in Vancouver May 9-11. The stories will be posted at hollyhocklife.org and included in Hollyhock’s newsletter, which is sent to more than 18,000 subscribers. Selected stories will also be posted at AxiomNews.ca.

Dana adds conference participants, which include leaders from across North America, will also spread the news through their networks, websites and social media channels.

“The buzz will be deafening,” says Dana. “Stories will be circulating all over the web and more people will say, ‘I learned about you from Axiom News.’”

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