Article in Impact Driven on Joel Solomon speech at LOHAS Collaboratory

Joel Solomon recently spoke and at the LOHAS Collaboratory, and was featured in a follow-up article on Impact Driven.

Joel Solomon: The Missing Ingredient From Your Portfolio
David Laskarzewski, Impact Driven

Joel Solomon is up to something.

Sitting on a stool in front of a room of 100+ like-minded people at the LOHAS Collaboratory, his thick grey-black hair soaking in the morning Boulder sunshine that’s filtering through the windows, Mr. Solomon smiles patiently — make that sublimely — at the minds and hearts settling in to feed on his words.

“I came from money,” begins Mr. Solomon, president of Canada’s largest social venture capital firm, Renewal Partners. “My father was a successful developer who became a pioneer at purchasing land and building strip malls.

“I didn’t think twice about how my dad put food on the table until Joni Mitchell’s song, ‘Big Yellow Taxi,’ hit the airwaves. Suddenly, the idea that my family business was paving over paradise didn’t sit very well with me."

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