Montecristo Magazine does an interview with Carol Newell

Vancouver's Montecristo Magazine has done a wonderful interview with Carol Newell in an article on philanthropy.  Please read on for the article:

“At dinner parties people would ask me, ‘Well, what do you do?’ I would stammer and awkwardly search for something to say,” Carol Newell says, as theafternoon sun began peeking through the fifth floor window of her Gastown office in the revitalized Flack Block building. “Someone said to me that I should practiseon taxi drivers. Now I just say that I’m a private investor, but at that time, I didn’t want anyone to know I had money to invest,” she adds as we begin to discuss her path from anonymous donor to public philanthropist. Newell is the heir of a multi-million dollar inheritance, and her personal story of giving is reflective of how today’s young philanthropists come to terms with newfound wealth and learn to activate their capital for social good. It was only after more than a decade following her initial philanthropic work that she made public her anonymous contributions through her now-retired Endswell Foundation. “In many ways, anonymity can be very difficult, because you are always holding something back,” Newell says. “It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I came out about my wealth. Until then, I was a woman walking around with a secret.”