Shark Truth Announces Two Great Pieces of News

The Renewal office group is proud of our friend and former office mate, Claudia Li, whose organization Shark Truth recently announced two great pieces of news:
1. Shark Truth is thrilled that Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby – the three biggest shark fin serving cities in British Columbia – have announced that they are working together on a shark conservation strategy together. 

Shark Truth looks forward to working with and consulting the City Councillors on how to best bring forth a strategy to ensure that all stakeholders' voices are heard and that opposition is minimal. Read Shark Truth's full press statement here.   
 2. Shark truth founder Claudia Li was announced as #2 on Starfish's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25!  Congratulate Claudia and her team by leaving a comment on Shark Truth's Facebook page here or by Retweet Shark Truth's message here


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