The Cleaning Solution -- a socially progressive cleaning company

From 2008 to late 2013, Renewal Partners’ offices in Vancouver’s Flack Block building were cared for by The Cleaning Solution.   
Early each evening, The Cleaning Solution’s employees would vacuum our offices, dust and take out our compost.  They kept our space spotless.  When Renewal staff worked late, they would ask us how our days were going and, always with a smile, remind us not to work too hard.  
But The Cleaning Solution is more than just a regular cleaning company.  They are a socially progressive organization with a mandate to employ persons living with a mental illness who are ready to return to the workplace.  The Cleaning Solution provides a supportive work environment, including service-orientated training and green cleaning products.  The professionalism, friendliness and quality work of The Cleaning Solution staff was evident in everything they did. 
We will miss having The Cleaning Solution in our building and truly wish them success.


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