Joel Solomon Joins RSF Social Finance as Entrepreneur-at-Large

Joel Solomon has joined RSF Social Finance as Entrepreneur-at-Large. With two decades of impact investing experience, Joel will leverage his community connections to support RSF's growth.

Market Value of International Banks

If this graph is vaguely accurate, the scale of wealth evaporation represented in this one industry sub sector alone, has ramifications we are going to have a hard time seeing before it hits us much harder.

Legal Limberness 101

February 19, 2009
Surrey Community Services Society, Surrey, BC
The legal and regulatory environment within which all not-for-profit organizations operate in Canada can be a complex and confusing - albeit necessary - component of effective organization management. The same regulations which make it possible to provide much needed services and programs on a tax-free basis with access to funding also create their own reporting, registration and governance isses for not-for-profit organizations.

Accounting Athletics 101

February 18, 2009
Surrey Community Services Society, Surrey, BC
Much of the funding that supports the work of not-forprofit organizations comes from individual donors or from government agencies. Most, if not all, funders want to see that the organizations they support demonstrate appropriate dilligence around their ability to effectively use and track the funding.

Financial Fitness 101

February 17, 2009
Surrey Community Services Society, Surrey, BC
Finance is a broad topic area with subjects from banking to organizational governance. Whether your need is to build a more financially healthy organization in order to create stronger plans to deliver on your core mission, or to access credit to level out irregular revenue flows, a broader understanding of financial matters can assist.
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