A New CEO for Seventh Generation

Anyone who knows Jeffrey Hollender, the co-founder and longtime CEO of Seventh Generation, knows that his ambitions go way beyond selling laundry detergent and paper towels.

Announcing First Close of Renewal2 Investment Fund

Paul Richardson, President of Renewal2 Investment Fund, is pleased to announce the first close of the Fund at over $16 million. Renewal2 is one of a handful of funds in North America that focus on companies which have positive environmental, social and financial returns.

Seventh Generation Launches TV Special

Renewal colleague and investee Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation let us know that he’s launching a new project on Earth Day. Check it out!

Jeffrey Hollender Named CEO of the Year

Jeffrey Holender, CEO of Renewal investee Seventh Generation Was named CEO of the Year by Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) magazine.

Earlier this year, Seventh Generation was selected as the "#1 best company on the planet."

Seventh Generation Named Best Company

Renewal investee, Seventh Generation, named Best Company on the Planet. In The Better World Shopping Guide, How Every Dollar Can Make a Difference, by Ellis Jones, Seventh Generation was selected as the #1 best company on the planet based on a comprehensive analysis of it’s overall record of social and environmental responsibility, for the past 20 years.

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