5 Reasons to Register Now for SVI Hollyhock

The 17th annual Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock, September 12-16 is just two months away! If you are still on the fence about attending this September, here are five reasons why signing up NOW will give you a good reason to look forward to the end of summer:

How a Business Can Change the World

A special report on the innovative business models social entrepreneurs are inventing

From the May 2011 issue of Inc. magazine
By Inc. staff

A Wide Web of Good Deals

Renewal Partners has invested in many dozens of early stage businesses since 1994. From the mid 80's our people have been active in North American networks of players in social ventures, change oriented philanthropy, mission based investing, entrepreneurial non profits, real estate for social purpose, the intersection of environment and making money, community wealth creation, and the leadership and capacity development that supports all these initiatives.

Emerging Sectors

It's anybody's guess what our collective economic future will be. All bets are off as unimaginable tectonic shifts destabilize the very foundations of the market economy.

What was already a highly conceptual realm of blind faith for many, may scar current generations of citizens as our grandparents carried the memory of The Great Depression of the 30's. Will wealth placement return to a buried tin can in the back yard? Or currency and gold coins stashed under the mattress?

SVN Innovation Awards

Social Venture Network (SVN) is seeking applications for their Innovation Awards.  Launched last year, the awards recognize innovative high-impact enterpeneurs. Recipients have the opportunity to connect with SVN's network, meeting people who can assist them in scaling up their enterprises. 

Last year's winner, Priya Haji, changed the world with a bamboo plate. 

Communicopia — Making Money While Doing Good

I met Jason Mogus in the mid 90's as a very young web keener ready to change the world overnight. His company, Communicopia, was determined to provide web and interactive services to the best triple bottom line organizations in the world.

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