Sallie Calhoun is a software and ranchland pioneer. An engineer by training, she spent twenty-five years growing a software company with her husband which they sold in 2000. Then they did the craziest thing they'd ever done: they purchased a 7600 acre ranch south of San Jose, Ca. Sallie will share her story-in-progress including how she is activating her portfolio in service of her passion for grasslands and soil.  So far that has included raising grass-fed beef, running a packing plant, and making loans to support sustainable agriculture. They have a vision of what they want the land to look like and they use cattle as a tool to realize that vision. Sallie is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of Holistic Management International, an organization dedicated to helping farmers, ranchers and land managers use and conserve their land effectively. In addition to their philanthropic plans to give all of their money away during their lifetime, Sallie and her husband are in active inquiry about what it means to shift their investment portfolio to align with their mission. We welcome this savvy and successful engineer's perspective on how she's playing BIG with ranch lands and seeking leverage to help create the new economy.