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 February 9th – 12th, 2014

 the tenth annual


Cavallo Point, Sausalito, CA

Activate your whole portfolio to fuel social change.

Find inspiration, support and collaboration with peers and experts.


Featured Stories:

Charly Kleissner

Our lead story comes from Silicon Valley technology-executive-turned-pioneering-philanthropist/investor Charly Kleissner. Charly and his wife Lisa’s experience in Silicon Valley, coupled with their deep desire to help other innovators, led to their prodigious work supporting global social entrepreneurs and enterprises. Charly co-founded KL Felicitas FoundationSocial-Impact InternationalCentral European Investment Ready Program and Toniic, a global network of action-oriented impact investors.



Annabelle White

Annabelle’s vision is to transform wealth to health.  Six years ago, just before coming into a significant family inheritance, Annabelle was looking for a new way to invest. She attended play BIG, exponentially expanding her vision for activating wealth. The story of the subsequent six years is one of developing her personal vision, her leadership muscle, and a strategy and team to make leading-edge choices in Canadian philanthropy and North American investment.


Who Should Attend
play BIG is designed for people with $25 million or more who are seeking ever greater alignment of their money as an expression of their values and vision for an equitable and ecologically sustainable society. We welcome newcomers and play BIG alumni, seasoned investors and philanthropists as well as those at early stages. Please spread the word to those for whom play BIG might be a fit.

"I received knowledge and wisdom. I know exactly what I’m going to do when I get home."
                                                                                                               - Lauren Embry, 2013 attendee

What to Expect
In an intimate setting of 15-20 attendees, participants’ stories, aspirations and insights are at the core of the play BIG experience. A team of supportive social investment experts and strategic thinkers are also an essential part of the convening. Through creative self-reflection, strategic planning sessions, case studies and one-on-one consultations, attendees explore vision, mission, and the nuts and bolts of activating wealth to stimulate social and environmental change.

"Spectacular and inspiring" & "iconic and profound" - 2013 attendees' reflections on case studies

Carol Newell and Marian Moore launched play BIG in 2004 with a desire to support the repurposing of great wealth to tackle issues at the root of systemic problems. play BIG was inspired by an experiment that activated Carol’s entire portfolio of over 60 million dollars over a twenty-year period with a mission to stimulate a regional green-solutions presence and economy in British Columbia through grants, investments and innovative collaborations.  

For inquiries and registration, please contact Marian Moore at marian@marianmoore.comor 612.817.2426.

We begin at 5pm on Sunday, February 9th and end at noon on Wednesday, February 12th.
Optional: We invite you to join us for an afternoon hike and dinner on the 12th

Cavallo Point Lodge
Set in an idyllic location on the San Francisco Bay at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, Cavallo Point is an understated, luxury lodge in one of America’s most popular National Parks. Details about how to book your room at Cavallo Point will be provided during the registration process.