RSF Social Finance, Tides, Tides Canada and Renewal present

Accelerate the movement of capital toward a solution economy

March 24-27, 2011
Cavallo Point
Sausalito, California

You are cordially invited by Carol Newell, Grant Abert, Peter Buffett, Kristin Hull, Bonny Meyer and Mary Stranahan to join us for Play BIG.

Play BIG is an intimate gathering that inspires and informs people with large capital reserves who seek to align their money more fully with their values. Participants take time to consider a broader vision and mission for their work and their lives, while gaining access to experts in strategic philanthropy and impact investing. Play BIG’s model of interactive inquiry encourages innovative approaches to deploying capital through investment and philanthropy to affect positive social and environmental change.
Play BIG is designed for people with discretionary capital of $15 million or more. We welcome newcomers and Play BIG alumni to this unique gathering.

“I learned from Play BIG about regional focus and teamwork,
about networking and leveraging. Now I’m thinking things through
with more heads, not just doing it on my own—
on a strategic level versus a reactive level. “

-Mary Stranahan, past participant

What to Expect

Participants’ own stories, aspirations and insights are the core of the Play BIG experience. A team of experienced social investment experts, strategic thinkers and philanthropic advisors are also an essential part of the convening. Play BIG co-founder Marian Moore leads the agenda and facilitation team. Through creative self-reflection, strategic planning sessions, case studies and one-on-one consultations, attendees explore questions of vision and mission as well as the nuts and bolts of activating wealth to stimulate social and environmental change. Click here for agenda highlights.

Featured Speakers

     Peter Buffet


Presented by:

RSF Social Finance is a community of investors, donors, and social entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming the WAY the world works with money. Since 1984, RSF has provided over $200 million in loans and over $90 million in grants to non-profit and for-profit social enterprises in the areas of Food & Agriculture, Education & the Arts, and Ecological Stewardship.

Founded in 1976, Tides offers an array of services that amplifies the efforts of philanthropists, foundations, activists and entrepreneurs working to support economic opportunity, robust democracy and a just and green planet. Tides provides fiscal sponsorship for over 200 groups across the country and, in partnership with more than 400 donor advised funds and funding collaboratives, granted more than $100 million in 2009 alone.

Tides Canada provides uncommon solutions for the common good by leading and supporting actions that foster a healthy environment and just society. Tides Canada creates opportunities to pool ideas and leverage resources to address complex environmental and social issues including habitat protection, marine conservation, water resources, climate and energy, urban sustainability, and food systems. Tides Canada also provides philanthropic advisory services, supporting and enabling donors to shape their legacy and increase the impact of their philanthropy.

“Play BIG shifted my thinking about my money from a place of
burden and obligation to a place of joy, passion and opportunity.”

- 2009 participant