The Market Crisis and Impact on SRI

Michael Jantzi provides his views about the future of socially responsible investing (SRI) in light of the current financial crisis in his new article, The Market Crisis and its Impact on Socially Responsible Investing:

"If you visit Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey you can ride the Kingda Ka, advertised as the tallest and fastest steel roller coaster on the planet. After going from zero to 200 km/h in 3.5 seconds, riders start a 45-story ascent before plunging more than 120 metres through a 270-degree spiral twist. It sounds gut wrenching to me. But I don't think that any of the 1,400 paying customers that pass through the turnstile each hour have anything on investors, most of whom have been on a wilder and more terrifying ride this past month courtesy of Wall Street and Bay Street."