Sustainalytics and Jantzi Research Inc. Announce Merger

Two of Responsible Investment's Leading Environmental, Social and Governance Research Firms Join Forces.

Green Alpha

Michael Jantzi, founder of Renewal Investee Janzti Research, was recently featured in an article called  "Green Alpha," discussing how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have lead to a redefining of fiduciary responsibility.  Michael says, "You're seeing mainstream money managers, especially at the largest pension plans, accept ESG as party of their fiduciary responsibility."

The Market Crisis and Impact on SRI

Michael Jantzi provides his views about the future of socially responsible investing (SRI) in light of the current financial crisis in his new article, The Market Crisis and its Impact on Socially Responsible Investing.

Tales from Behind the Looking Glass

I have a small sense of what Alice felt when she passed through the looking glass, and I have to tell you it is tons of fun. I had been peaking through for far too long, knowing that there was a different world where I might find more meaning, but I was afraid to cross through.

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