Hollyhock in Pique Magazine

Hollyhock Retreat Centre was highlighted this month in Pique Newsmagazine. Enjoy short excerpt from the article below or click here to read the full article.  

Pique Newsmagazine

Paradise with Purpose
Hollyhock offers tools for change, hope and optimism
May 2009

"... Glance through their catalogue, and you'll find an impressive array of programs and enticing unstructured ways to enjoy what Hollyhock has to offer. In a world where loss of biodiversity is precipitating a crisis of epic proportions, Hollyhock aims to nurture the biodiversity of the human organism, enabling people to feed their diverse skills and passions and grow new ones. Workshops in arts, health, relationship, yoga, and wisdom practices mix unapologetically with business, leadership and social change programs. Part of Hollyhock's charm is that it's hard to define - an alchemical mix of part university and conference facility, part spiritual centre, part sweet holiday getaway.

Some of the courses offered this spring include Cultivating Women's Leadership, June 5-10. The program is co-led by Toby Lynn Herzlich, a facilitator and trainer with the Rockwood Leadership Program who trained women in the Middle East, Bosnia, the U.S. and Canada. Nina Simons, a social entrepreneur and co-founder of the Bioneers Conference, is the other presenter..." 

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