The Vancouver Power 50 of 2010

The theme of the 10th Annual Vancouver Magazine's Power 50 of 2010 is change. It is no wonder that the list includes past SVI participants including Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vancity's CEO Tamara Vrooman. Also included again in this year's Power 50 is Joel Solomon and Carol Newell.

21. Joel Solomon / Carol Newell
It’s been a year of wind-down, enduring hard times, and starting anew for this pair of ex-Americans, who’ve had a profound influence on Vancouver. This year marked the final phase of the Endswell Foundation, the foundation that Vancouver adoptees Joel Solomon and Carol Newell created to disburse money from Newell’s substantial Rubbermaid inheritance. Through Endswell, Newell gave out $20 million to over 700 groups in the past 20 years, making her at one point the largest private funder of environmental groups in the province. The two are busy with other projects aimed at turning Vancouver into a North American mecca for social enterprise businesses. The latest effort is Renewal2, a private investment fund with outside investors, for which Solomon has raised $35 million in the past two years. In the meantime, he’s part of the inner circle of  Mayor Gregor Robertson, to whom he gave considerable financial support.

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