The Vancouver Power 50 of 2010

The theme of the 10th Annual Vancouver Magazine's Power 50 of 2010 is change. It is no wonder that the list includes past SVI participants including Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vancity's CEO Tamara Vrooman. Also included again in this year's Power 50 is Joel Solomon and Carol Newell.

Endswell Foundation: Announces “Mission Achieved” – Now What?

After 15 years of pursuing an aggressive mission to fund systemic change in BC, Renewal has, through a combination of investments, grants and collaborations, successfully accomplished the first stage of our mission.

Time-Limited Foundations: A New Trend?

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and The Chronicle of Philanthropy point to an emerging trend of foundations, like Endswell, that have planned spend down strategies.

Endswell Grantees

A sample of the grantees that were funded by Endswell Foundation.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Over the past 15 years the Endswell Foundation made over 700 grants totalling over $20 million dollars.  From our 1992 inception was the intention to spend down our entire grant making resources over a ten year period.   

The 220 Years

We are settling into the extraordinary Tides Renewal Centre two blocks down the street from the old digs at 220.  And before the newness of it all wears off, before we are all once caught up again in the unrelenting pace of business as "unusual", I think its time for a moment of retrospection on the phenomenal years at 220 Cambie Street.

Joel Solomon Working to Make the World Healthier

Renewal's CEO Joel Solomon was recently profiled in his hometown paper The Chattanoogan. 

Joel reflects on his start with Northgate Mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee here.

Carol Newell in the News

Carol Newell, Renewal's Principal, is featured in BC Business Magazine's article, 'The Inheritance Problem'. Click Here to read about how Carol activated her inheritance to make positive change and how she encourages others to do the same. 


Carol Newell inherited a substantial fortune over several years, culminating in the early 1990s. Believing she had "more than enough", she chose to dedicate the majority of her wealth to making the world a better place.

She found the focus for her intentions in British Columbia's mix of vast pristine wilderness and sophisticated urban meeting places for global influences. She has dedicated her career to nurturing broad-spectrum solutions to the ecological and social problems facing her home province.

Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear Rainforest is an ecosystem of global importance and a vital, natural, cultural and economic resource for First Nations, coastal communities and British Columbia. Success here means protecting the ecological integrity of the land while respecting indigenous cultures and strengthening local economies.


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