Christopher Roy tells us why SVI is so wonderful, in five quick points

Christopher Roy of Marketworks Media, a five-year attendee of Social Venture Institute-Hollyhock, has written a great little piece covering only a few of the reasons you should attend SVI.

Five Reasons to Attend the Social Venture Institute

The Social Venture Institute (SVI) is an annual gathering of founders and leaders who run companies that are working to use their businesses as an instrument for good. It is a remarkable organization stewarded by Hollyhock, Renewal Partners, the contagious passion of Joel Solomon and enthusiastic leaders like Mike Rowlands and Pamela Chaloult. I’ve just registered for my 5th year as an attendee and I’m proud to have spoken at various sessions and led the men’s group on occasion.

I was asked recently by a friend who runs an organic food company if she thought that SVI might be an event she should attend. Here are the five reasons I thought she should and that others might too if they were interested in attending:

It’s Real

While this is a business conference, and there is always the edge of presenting oneself professionally at any business gathering, SVI at Hollyhock, through some combination of the people, the food, the place and the intention, is the kind of place where not only can you be your real self, you’re asked, wanted and appreciated for doing so. The experience thrives on authenticity. Real beauty, real challenges, real people. The ones who get the most out of it are the ones who are to the most authentic while they are there.

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