Ready, Set, Launch

You are now reading the April 2008 new web site for Renewal!

Launching one's own web site major overhaul is always thrilling for the protaganists: new look, new features, new refined goals, longer list of accomplishments, evolved perspective on ones' work and impact.

Under the leadership of our Chief Operating Officer, Pamela Chaloult, we have examined our mission, values, and track record of the initial 15 years of our work and organized our story and message in a new way. Guided by the wise and experienced hand of Jason Mogus and his team at Communicopia, we have navigated the architecture, design, and writing process with ease and fun.

Renewal is now our unified brand.

Our essential strategy is to use the tools and power of business to build practical solutions for societal good.

Investments, grants, and collaborations are our main tools. Sharing our story, experience, networks, and methods are our freeware. The result is intended to help leverage others to dedicate their hearts and minds towards the great task ahead to repair human impact on the planet and each other.

Renewal is now well into Carol Newell's originally stated "50 year strategy for a 500 year plan".

We welcome everyone to review our web presentation and consider what next you can do to make a contribution to the future.