Sustainalytics and Jantzi Research Inc. Announce Merger

Two of Responsible Investment's Leading Environmental, Social and Governance Research Firms Join Forces

The merger of Jantzi Research Inc. and Systainalytics was announced September 14th from Amsterdam.
The new entity will operate as Sustainalytics globally and as Jantzi-Sustainalytics in North America. The merger combines two trailblazers in responsible investment (RI) research. The new company responds to an increasing appetite for international environmental, social and governance (ESG) research coverage underpinned by local expertise.
"We've had a long and successful history of working together thanks to our similar client-focused cultures, shared commitment to quality, and a common view of sustainability," said Michael Jantzi, CEO, Sustainalytics. "This merger was the logical progression of our past partnership. Together we offer an unmatched understanding of the market and can provide more extensive coverage of companies globally combined with deeper sector analysis."
Sustainalytics will provide clients with a diverse range of innovative products and services that leverage the team's extensive knowledge of the ESG risks and opportunities facing international companies, including an online international platform, RI indexes, Portfolio Risk Assessments, Controversial Global Weapons
Radar, the Global Compact Compliance Service, and ESG consulting and support services.  
"The merger of these two leading extra-financial research firms will enhance the RI sector by creating a strong global service provider," said Glen Saunders, Board Member of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and Chair-Elect, Sustainalytics. "Both companies have a great depth of experience with RI and understand how to integrate ESG issues into the investment process." 
The combined company will enable clients to leverage a management team across Europe and in North America that has been actively involved in the evolution of the RI sector. This includes the CEO, Michael Jantzi, as well as Ronald Lubberts, Managing Director in Europe and Bob Mann, Managing Director in North America. 
"Sustainalytics will continue to deliver high quality, innovative research and client-oriented services to investors and clients, and will offer access to employees spread over two continents and five cities.
Clients will also benefit from our expertise in responsible investment and sustainability services, including access to a broader variety of products such as carbon related analytical tools," said Ronald Lubberts.

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About Sustainalytics

Globally the new company will operate as Sustainalytics and as Jantzi-Sustainalytics in North America. The headquarters and regional offices will be based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Toronto, Canada with local offices located across Europe. The company will provide environmental, social and environmental research and analysis, sustainability consulting and responsible investment services. Sustainalytics was formed from the merger between Sustainalytics and Jantzi Research in August 2009.

Founded by Triodos Bank, MeesPierson and PGGM in 2002, Sustainalytics was an independent ESG research firm with market leadership in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and Spain. Sustainalytics provided research on the ESG performance of companies, institutions and countries, and with its high quality research, enabled investors to make fully-informed decisions. Jantzi Research was formed in 1992 to evaluate and monitor the environmental, social and governance performance of global securities. Jantzi was an innovator in North America and its Best-of-Sector methodology is the most widely recognized screening process there.
In January 2000, Jantzi Research launched the Jantzi Social Index®(JSI), a socially screened, market 
capitalization-weighted common stock index modeled on the S&P/TSX 60.